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Modular & Prefabricated construction


Private parking
2 - 4 bedrooms
Build-in wardrobes
Equipped kitchen
Double glazing windows, Passivehaus certified
Plot size: 628 m²
House size: 188 m²


  • Superb insulation & acoustics

  • Energy efficient living & stable indoor climate

  • Green communal facilities

  • Away from mass tourism

  • Next to the natural park

  • 10 minute drive away from marvellous beaches

Project Cerro Mouro: in development

  • The construction of 24 eco luxe villas

  • Start of construction Q4 2024

  • Contact us and schedule an onsite showroom visit here

New project

"We offer comprehensive one-stop solutions for clients seeking to build modern, sustainable and energy-efficient homes in Portugal. Our team of skilled in-house and partnering professionals are dedicated to deliver tailored and exceptional quality at every stage of the process."

CO Construction delivers technologically advanced, eco-friendly residential solutions in Portugal. Utilising innovative sustainable materials and modular construction methods, we provide homeowners with energy-efficient, cost-effective homes. Our approach ensures swift build times, reduced environmental footprint, and enhanced durability, tailored to the modern homeowner's needs.
We focus on swiftly assembling custom designed eco-luxe tiny houses and cabins for commercial and residential clients, leveraging modular construction techniques. Having our own in-house assembly line factory, drastically shortens build times and reduces construction site disruption. By combining technical precision with sustaibable materials, we provide significant benefits in speed, cost-effectiveness, and environmental impact.


Our innovative designs blend aesthetics with functionality, transforming your vision into sustainable structures that complement the natural beauty of the region.


Expert engineers ensure structural integrity and safety for your bio-based modular construction projects.


We specialize in crafting high-quality timber frame panels for sustainable construction in Southern Portugal.


From concept to completion, we deliver turnkey solutions, using modular techniques for eco-friendly buildings.

Licensing process

We streamline regulatory processes, ensuring swift approval for your projects in the area.


Our team's exceptional attention to detail ensures flawless finishing touches in every corner of our clients' homes.

Assembling the Showroom at Cerro Mouro


Experience the future of efficient construction with our prefab system. Designed for efficient assembly and outstanding durability, our panels significantly reduce construction time, ensuring your project is completed faster without compromising quality. Each element is precision-engineered for optimal insulation, providing superior energy efficiency that lowers your heating and cooling costs year-round.

Tiny Houses,
Great idea

Whether you're in search of a cozy cabin, a charming tiny house, a whimsical treehouse, or elegant timber guest accommodations, our team possesses the in-depth expertise and experience required to bring your vision to life. Below, you'll find a selection of our previous projects to inspire you. For additional information or to discuss your specific needs, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Whether you wish to engage our team to design your future home or already have an existing design and engineering calculations in place, we are committed to conducting a meticulous analysis of each architectural and engineering plan. We will optimize it with precision to seamlessly integrate it into our prefabricated and modular construction system

Planning, design and engineering

Experience efficiency with our closed timber frame panel factory. Specialising in rapid assembly, our streamlined production process in a controlled factory environment ensures quality and speed, making your home-building journey seamless and reliable.

Prefabrication process

Discover the speed of onsite assembly of prefab modular constructed houses. For example it takes our team two weeks to assemble a 200 m2, two-level detached house. Following a dedicated team works diligently for another 10 months, ensuring you receive a beautifully finished home with the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Efficient and clean construction 

255 m2 Bespoke T4+1 Villa in the Algarve: 
A Rarity in Premium Living

Status: ready for construction

New project, Ready for construction


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